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* Top 20 Wedding Dos and Doníts Countdown *

Wedding season is here. Glamour Magazine just ran a show on the Style Network about the top twenty Dos and Doníts for brides, grooms, wedding parties, and guests. Here weíve listed those things and added a little to them. Enjoy!

20. Brides: DONíT make your bridesmaids spend a lot of money on a dress they hate. Itís just mean to make your very best friends shell out a ton of cash on a dress that may be the most hideous thing they have ever set eyes on. Not only will they never wear it again, but theyíll hate the fact that they have to wear it at all and my resent you in the end. If you want a dress that is out of everyoneís budget or that no one else likes, be a good bride and buy the dresses for them.

19. Brides: DONíT go over the top with hair and makeup. We donít think you want to look scary on your wedding day! Trying some new ďlookĒ youíd never wear on a normal day or even to a special event definitely shouldnít be worn on your wedding day. Your guests will look at you and think, ďWhose wedding are we at?Ē Go for a look thatís timeless and classic, not just trendy and chic at the time. You want to look back at pictures and not think ďOh my goodness, I canít believe I wore my hair like that.Ē

18. Brides: DO test-drive your hairstyle. You donít want to leave your hair to the last second. Meet with your stylist along with any items you want in your hair (like your veil and other head pieces) long before the big day and figure out exactly what you want to look like. Take pictures of the finished look so you and your stylist can have something to look back on.

17. Brides: DONíT feel like you need to wear a huge veil just because you can. We know, youíre finally the bride! But that doesnít mean you should hide in a veil that makes you look like the Abominable Snowman. Get a veil that compliments your dress. A large princess ball gown needs a simpler veil. Something too big will make you look cluttered! If you simply must have a huge veil, pick a simpler, form-fitting dress. The look will work much better.

16. Brides: DONíT make your bridesmaids look like a parade of look-alikes. You want a look thatís simple, elegant, and classic. Glamour says to think of it like a fashion show, where everyone looks their best. And looking her best for one girl is totally different than another. Bridesmaidsí dresses are more about color and tones and fabrics than a particular style of dress. Cookie cutter dresses are out. If you want happy and comfortable Ďmaids, let them pick their own dresses (within your guidelines) or at least have a say in what they wear.

15. Brides: DONíT go broke on your wedding dress. You want to buy the best dress that you can afford, but that doesnít mean spending 50 percent of your wedding budget on a single dress. In fact, you probably shouldnít exceed ten percent of your total budget. Look on eBay or pick through sample sales. Or, spend your money on a personal trainer, so that no matter what dress youíre wearing, youíll look fabulous in it.

14. Brides: DO be yourself with your wedding dress. Just because youíre a bride doesnít mean you have to wear a big, white, princess dress. Though lots of ladies dream of that dress, itís definitely not for everyone. If you want a short dress, wear it! If you want a pink or purple or red dress, wear it! Wear a dress that fits your body and style tastes. Be true to yourself.

13. Grooms: DONíT rent your tux, just buy it! As the people from Glamour put it, itís one of the most important days of your life, donít wear another manís pants. They really do have a good point there! When you rent a tux or suit, chances are those same pair of pants have been worn thirty times already. Formal can be affordable! Look into purchasing your tux, or buying a really nice, tailored-just-to-you suit. Not only will you look like a million bucks, but youíll have a great suit or tux that you want wear over and over again.

12. Grooms: DO let your guys put a bit of their own personality in their ensemble. When you go to pick out your groomsmenís and ushersí ensemble for ďthe big day,Ē pick something that the fellows would feel good about wearing. Let them spice their ensembles up a bit by letting them wear their own cuff links, tie, or shoes. There is no need to let them go over the top, but letting them be their selves is a must.

11. Guests: DO give some thought to your outfit. This is not the time for the mini skirt and mega platform shoes. In regards to your outfit, be a little on the conservative side. The attention should be on the couple, not on you. After all, it is their wedding day. If you have an outfit that youíre questioning, call up the bride and ask her what she thinks! And just remember, sequins are not for daytime.

10. Brides: DONíT feel like you need to wear a tiara just because itís your wedding day. You simply donít need to wear one. Once upon a time, tiaras represented hope, magic, glamour, and wealth. But now, wearing a glitzy tiara with a huge, elaborate dress might just be a little too much. If a tiara is a must for you, consider a more discrete or understated look. Remember that more is not always better. Again, make sure that your whole look works together.

9. Wedding Party: DONíT get crazy with tanning or fake baking. Hello! Fair skinned brides can be gorgeous! In fact, itís kind of a misnomer that because youíre wearing white or ivory, your skin will be washed out. Wearing those colors and tone will in fact enhance your skinís natural beauty. If getting a few shades darker is a must, try spray tanning an bronzers. And remember to always do a test run, and never get it done on the day of or before the big day. You want to look like a bride (or pretty bridesmaids), not like a pumpkin.

8. Brides: DONíT make the Ďmaids wear the same hairstyle. Just as with dresses, the same style on everyone is simply not flattering on everyone! If forced the wear the same hairstyle, girls will be girls and there is no doubt that they will compare themselves to each other. Work with your bridesmaidsí individual styles. And remember, they are not there to compete with you, so let them feel their best!

7. Brides: DONíT be too trendy when it comes to your gown, hair, accessories, and the rest of your look. The trick is to go timeless! We all love to be fashionable, but something thatís simply trendy wonít look all that great in the years to come. You know what we mean. Think back to the 80ís brides. Just plain scary! If you choose a dress thatís elegant and works with your body, you canít go wrong. Enjoy the time you spend looking! A tip from WeddingBee: When looking for ďThe DressĒ, start with the cheapest ones and work your way up. That way, you might just fall in love with a dress thatís only 500 bucks rather than having your heart set on one thatís $5,000.

6. Guests: Donít wear white to a wedding. Would you like it if you spent a small fortune on a dress youíll wear one time, then someone shows up on your special day wearing something similar? We didnít think so. Itís the brideís turn to wear ďthe dressĒ so let her wear white. A Wedding Fanatic tip: Sometimes a couple might want you to wear white (think: simple beach chic nuptials), but if this is the case, it will be noted on the invitation or included in other information that youíll receive.

5. Guests: DO know that you can wear black to a wedding. A while back, it was considered kind of morbid to wear black to a wedding, but today, itís a perfect color to wear. Itís slimming and looks good on most everyone. Some brides today are even choosing black for their bridesmaidsí dresses.

4. Groom: DONíT not get your haircut the day before the wedding. Getting your hair cut the day before or the day of your wedding is just not a good idea. You should do this one to two weeks earlier. And just like we tell the brides, donít do anything that looks drastically different than your normal self! You want to look like a cleaned up and dressed up version of yourself, not someone else. Brides, it will do you good to talk with your groom in advance and make sure he doesnít wait to the last second to get his hair cut!

Brides: DONíT get a facial the day before your wedding. You need time for your face and body to get back to normal after youíve had a facial. If you have one done the day before, youíre likely to have red blotches all over your face. And thatís just something you donít want in those wedding pictures!

3. Brides: DO consider comfort for your wedding dress and accessories. While a little pain wonít kill you, you donít want a dress you can breathe or move in, or a train that you have to drag around during your whole reception. While there is no need to wear something that is just plain ugly for the sake of comfort, you do want to take it into consideration. One thing you DO want to take comfort seriously with is your shoes. Donít get a pair you canít walk in or make your feet hurt as soon as you put them on. And idea we like: get a fancy pair for the ceremony and your first few dances. Then when youíre ready to get your groove on, slip on some comfy yet cute ballet look-alike slippers. For the crafty bride: dress them up with some ribbons and embellishments for something you can wear around the house later on.

2. Brides: DONíT drink too much! Do we really need to spell this one out? There are few things worse than looking your absolute best, but then stumbling about and slurring your words. It just isnít pretty. A Wedding Fanatic tip: drinking a lot of alcohol the day before your wedding could leave your face a little flushed and red. If you can, encourage your wedding party to take it easy on the drinks the night before.

1. Brides and Grooms: DO just be yourself. Like some of the other points have said, you want to be the best version of yourself on your wedding day. You donít need to compete with other couples and try to ďout-wedĒ them. You want to look your personal best and treat your guests to an even that reflects you as a couple, not just the trends of the day. You canít go wrong being yourself!

And always remember, your wedding day isnít the end! While it does mean no more wedding planning, it also means the beginning of your new life together. Enjoy the planning, the wedding, and most of all, the rest of your lives.

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